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(1) Minnesota HELP Resources

Some Minnesota web page directories of organizations for those dealing with addictions, coping with difficult situations, mental health issues, etc. 12-step and non-12-step groups, including Agnostic AA and secular alternatives to AA. Also, United Way's First Call For Help.

(2) Quit Smoking Web Site

Includes a large directory of online quit-smoking support groups -- such as message boards and chatrooms, and the "quit-smoking cards" (things to tell oneself when the "just-one" beast starts whispering in your ear). Other resources, such as Nicotine Anonymous, the American Lung Assn, and web sites to research answers to nicotine and quit-smoking questions.. The quit-smoking sayings, slogans, and reasons at cardsc.html seem to be especially popular.

(3) Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous

Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous - about 4 weekly meetings in the Twin Ciies. 12-step approach to quitting smoking and nicotine addiction in all its forms

(4) Marriage Tax Penalty / Bonus ( mr-index.html )

According to a Treasury Department study, in 2004 nearly 30 million U.S. married couples enjoyed marriage bonuses totaling $49 billion (their average bonus that year was $1,691) while nearly 18 million married couples suffered marriage penalties totaling $19.1 billion (average penalty $1,056).
     In other words, married couples getting a marriage bonus outnumber those that pay a marriage penalty by a 30 million to 18 million (a 1.67 to 1 ratio), while the average marriage bonus exceeds the average marriage penalty by $1,691 to $1,056 (a 1.60 to 1 ratio).
     A detailed spreadsheet shows marriage penalty / bonus income tax calculations for 1999, 2002, and 2004. This site also explores the many other tax benefits, government benefits, and common private-sector benefits of marriage (and its converse -- the disadvantages of being single).

(5) Tax tables, fin-tax.html

Tax Tables, MS Word .doc version, fin-tax.doc

(6) Visibility Project

How to make small organizations, such as the lesser - known 12-step organizations like Nicotine Anonymous, better known and easier to find. Most of this material is from 1999-2002, so some of this is outdated.

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