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Nicotine Anonymous Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul) Metro Area List of Meetings. With links to Greater Minnesota Meetings (Unofficial Web Site***) (tcnica.html)

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***Frequently asked question: Is there an official Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous web site?

Corrections? Comments? please not for my sake but for the sake of those trying to find a meeting:
Emale me: jalars(atsign)compuserve.com
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               TWIN CITIES METRO AREA, 11/17/17
        11/17/17: Matches the 952-404-1488 phone message that was updated 11/2/17.   
   Click here for Meetings outside of metro area.
   24 - hour Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous Information Line For All 
   Meetings: (952) 404-1488 
   New Website: http://www.minnesota-nica.org 

        Date/Time    Location                        
        ---------    -----------------------         

        Tue 700 pm   St. Paul - Midway
                     Saint Columba Church/School
                     1330 Blair Avenue (just east of the corner of Hamline & Blair) 
                     St. Paul
                     Entrance is on a balcony at the rear of the church, above the level of the parking lot.  
                     Use stairs there and go up to the Share Room
                     Park in lot south of Blair Avenue 
                     See flyer with map and email contact

       Thur 800 pm   St. Croix Alano Club
                     208 S. 3rd Street, Stillwater 
                     NOTE: there is no meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month due to a prior reservation
                     For more info: 651-363-8303

       Sat 1000 am   South Minneapolis, about 1/4 mile west of Lake Harriet
                     Linden Hills Congregational Church - usually 2nd floor
                     4200 Upton Ave. S. (corner of 42nd St. & Upton Ave. S.)        
                     - Enter thru back door
       ***Also, please check the new website: http://www.minnesota-nica.org for what may be newer information.

  =============== Comments on all meetings ==================================

  The list above might not agree with what you hear on the 
  952-404-1488 Info Line.  Usually the Info Line is more up-to-date and I 
  usually update the above listing by checking the Info Line every 2 months. 

  The main purpose of this web page is to provide more detailed location
  information for the meetings than a phone voice recording can provide,
  and that one can print. 

  If it doesn't agree, or if you think something is wrong, PLEASE send me an 
  email (see top of this page for email address).

  Also check the new Minnesota NICA website: http://www.minnesota-nica.org 
  I will probably fold this green5.org/tcnica website at the end of 2018 if I find the above minnesota-nica website
  is being maintained and updated.

  Phone Meetings, Internet Meetings, email lists, and message boards  -- there 
  is a national phone meeting on Sunday night.  Also, there are several online
  Nicotine Anonymous meetings, email lists, and message boards.
  See http://www.nicotine-anonymous.org for further information
  To see online meetings and message boards, Click on http://www.nicotine-anonymous.org 
  and then on the page that comes up, below "Find a Meeting" click on the 
  "Easy Search" link and then on the page that comes up, click on "Internet Meetings".

  Both Unofficialnicanon and Voices of Nicotine Recovery have online meetings, and 
  a combination message board / email list (Yahoo groups).

Greater Minnesota Meetings

For Greater Minnesota Area listings (well right now (11/17/17) there's only Stillwater which is listed above) Please see the Nicotine Anonymous web site at http://www.nicotine-anonymous.org. For best results, choose EASY SEARCH and then click on MINNESOTA to see all listings in Minnesota. The city search does not work well because often a meeting is not located in the city proper, but rather in some suburb or nearby town.
***And again, check the new http://www.minnesota-nica.org website.


Nicotine Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women helping each other to live our lives free of nicotine. We share our experience, strength and hope with each other so that we may be free from this powerful addiction. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using nicotine. There are no dues or fees for Nicotine Anonymous membership; we are self supporting through our own contributions. Nicotine Anonymous is not allied with any sect, denomination, political entity, organization or institution; does not engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any cause. Our primary purpose is to offer support to those who are trying to gain freedom from nicotine.

Copyright by the AA Grapevine Inc.; adapted with permission. Permission to adapt the AA Preamble does not in any way imply any affiliation with or endorsement of any other Twelve Step program or any other outside entity.


Nicotine Anonymous® meetings consist of two or more people getting together to share a common desire to be free of nicotine. People share their experience, strength and hope. They learn what others have experienced while withdrawing from nicotine and how they use the Nicotine Anonymous program to obtain and keep their "smobriety".

Telephone numbers are exchanged and friends are made. Sponsors are found to help us with the program. Perhaps most important, we find we are not alone in our struggle against nicotine.

Anyone with a desire to kick the nicotine habit can join Nicotine Anonymous.

There are no dues or fees. Each group pays its rent, refreshment and literature costs from money contributed voluntarily by its members at each meeting.

Source: The above statements are taken from the "Introducing Nicotine Anonymous" pamphlet and are copyrighted by Nicotine Anonymous.


This section has additional unofficial personal remarks in response to commonly asked questions.

Nicotine Anonymous® is an organization to help people quit using nicotine, or to stay quit. Many of our members have just quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Others have not quit yet, but have a desire to quit. Others have quit for many years, yet still attend meetings to avoid slipping back into the addiction.

Most meetings use the Twelve Steps of recovery, which are essentially the same as the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, but adapted for nicotine addicts.

As stated above, "Each group pays its rent, refreshment and literature costs from money contributed voluntarily by its members at each meeting." At Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous, it has been my (Jim L) observation that most people contribute $1 per meeting. Some more, some less. All who wish to quit the nicotine habit or to stay quit are welcome regardless of their ability to contribute.


For more information on Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous meetings, check the new http://www.minnesota-nica.org website.
Or please call our information line at (952) 404-1488.
For more information about Nicotine Anonymous in general, phone us, or click on the link to the official world Nicotine Anonymous site at http://www.nicotine-anonymous.org
Or email jalars (atsign) compuserve.com.
Or email the world Nicotine Anonymous office at info@nicotine-anonymous.org  


Old answer: No, unfortunately there is not.
New answer (November 2017): There is a new Minnesota Nicotine Anonymous website at http://www.minnesota-nica.org

This web page (green5.org/tcnica.html) is a personal project of mine (Jim L. that I began in 1998), and I rely mostly on monitoring the 952-404-1488 Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous phone number (and now I'll also be monitoring the minnesota-nica.org website). Sometimes I hear of changes that aren't yet reflected in the above phone number's greeting. The "value added" of this web site is that (#a#) more detailed location instructions are given and (#b#) its a list of all Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous meetings that one can simply print. This is easier than listening to the phone greeting over and over while writing location instructions down. However, given the appearance of the new www.minnesota-nica.org website, I'll probably just change this here green5.org/tcnica.html website into a stub that points to minnesota-nica.org, and eventually I'll probably get rid of green5.org/tcnica.html


Nicotine Anonymous began as Smokers Anonymous in the 1980's, but a treatment program had already trademarked that name and protested. So the new Smokers Anonymous changed its name to Nicotine Anonymous. The forced name change is considered a fortunate circumstance because the goal of Nicotine Anonymous -- even back in its Smokers Anonymous days -- has been to help anyone addicted to nicotine to quit. Primarily that was to open the doors to non-smoking tobacco chewers who wanted to quit their habit. But it is also for those trying to get off of nicotine-containing cessation products like the patch and gum.

To be clear, one does not have to be abstinent from smoking, chewing, or nicotine in general, in order to join and participate in Nicotine Anonymous -- the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using nicotine.


Check the Minnesota Nicotine Anonymous website at http://www.minnesota-nica.org

Email me (Jim L) at jalars (atsign) compuserve.com for further information

Email the Nicotine Anonymous world office at info@nicotine-anonymous.org for more information

Nicotine Anonymous world home page, including list of all meetings in the world, including online meetings, email lists, and message boards at http://www.nicotine-anonymous.org


None of these are endorsed by, or affiliated with Nicotine Anonymous. This is just something I gathered together on my own.

Minnesota Help Page ( http://www.green5.org/minnhelp.html ) Some Minnesota web page directories of organizations for those dealing with addictions, coping with difficult situations, mental health issues, etc. 12-step and non-12-step groups. Also, United Way's First Call For Help.


None of these are endorsed by, or affiliated with Nicotine Anonymous. This is just something I gathered together on my own.

Index page of this site (not affiliated with Nicotine Anonymous) -- at http://www.green5.org/QuitSmokingIndex.html

The Visibility Project -- Making small 12 step organizations and other support groups better known and easier to find. Currently it has my experience with trying to get a phone book listing for the Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous, and for trying to get Twin Cities NicA listed in regional web directories, including finding a free web page host (www.orgsites.com sounds free and ad-free for small non-profit sites but I haven't investigated thoroughly) . I am very interested in discussing with other small support - group type organizations how to increase our visibility in the community. The Visibility Project is not affiliated with Nicotine Anonymous

This page is not an official page of Nicotine Anonymous nor of Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous. Rather, it is my (Jim L) list of current Twin Cities Nicotine Anonymous meetings

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