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* QUICK TABLE OF ALL LINKS (without descriptions)

* Chat rooms

* Chat Special Programs (ICQ, IRC)

* Newsgroups

* Web-based Bulletin Board Systems

* Message Boards of Online Services (e.g. AOL, Compuserve, MSN)

* Email Pen Pals

* Email Mailing Lists

* Losing Weight Forums For QuitSmokers

* Support Groups Of All Types (e.g. alcohol, gambling, drugs, etc.)

* Notes on Nicotine Anonymous Affiliations



Online services such as AOL, Compuserve, and MSN have their own communities. These communities are called forums in Compuserve and AOL. (You don't need to be a Compuserve member to access the Compuserve forums. Anyone can access the Compuserve forums. As for the AOL forums, I don't know what their policy is).



Compuserve's Recovery Forum (GO RECOVERY) Nicotine Addiction Section.http://go.compuserve.com/Recovery?AREA=Msgs&SEC=8 (NicA).

Compuserve has a forum called the Recovery forum. This forum contains about 20 sections, dealing with everything from alcohol to eating disorders. This forum is available to anyone -- both Compuserve members and non-members.

AOL "Addiction and Recovery" forum (Keyword: A & R ), "Nicotine Addiction" section. You must be an AOL (America On Line) member in order to access this forum.

There is at least one forum or section of a forum that discusses nicotine addiction. I do know there exists a forum called the "Addiction and Recovery" forum (Keyword: A & R ) and it has a "Nicotine Addiction" section. You must be AOL member (www.aol.com) member in order to access it.

If anyone can provide me with clearer instructions on how to access it, please email me at jalars (atsign) compuserve.com, and I will include this information here. (I'm not an AOL member). Thanks. Also, I am interested in hearing about any other AOL resources for people trying to quit tobacco / nicotine, besides Addiction and Recovery forum, or the ones in the "CHAT - REAL TIME DISCUSSIONS" section above (namely private rooms Nicotine Anonymous, Skyroom, and Clean Air Cafe.





People wishing to discuss quitting nicotine use by email can write to info@nicotine-anonymous.org (NicA).

You will be put in contact with others who are nicotine free and who are willing to share their experience, strength & hope via e-mail. One or more will respond, and thus begin an email pen-pal friendship. Nearly all of the pen pals are NicA members.

Email pen pals one can meet in newsgroups, bulletin boards, etc.

Another way people find email pen pals is by participating in newsgroups such as alt.recovery.nicotine and alt.support.stop-smoking, or in the recovery / addiction forums of online services, or web-based bulletin boards, or chat rooms. People often become close friends with one or two or a few others that they meet in newsgroups, and begin to correspond privately by email.



Email Mailing Lists are one of the more efficient ways to participate in an Internet discussion group -- anything a person writes to the mailing list is mailed to all others on the mailing list. The downside is one might get more mail than one wants.



Cognitive Quitting E-Mail Mailing List (Yahoo Group) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CognitiveQuitSmoking/

The Cognitive Quitting Web Site is at http://www.cognitivequitting.com.

There are also web pages at this location that explain cognitive methods (such as REBT - Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy). For example, get rid of extreme absolutist words in your thinking like should, must, and can't stand it. Instead of saying "I can't stand it any longer, I MUST have a cigarette NOW, learn to think, "I desire a cigarette very much, but I can get through this hour without one."

Two books ("Rational Recovery..." and "When AA Doesn't Work For You ...") described on the mental.html page are based on cognitive techniques. When "AA Doesn't Work For You..." is by Dr. Albert Ellis, the founder of the REBT method.

Blair's quit-smoking mailing list at http://www.egroups.com/list/quitsmoking

This is very high volume. I recommend egroups.com mailing lists highly -- any member can choose whether they want to use it only as a message board (thus receiving no mail) , or as a mailing list (and receiving mail, either individually or all messages for the day lumped together into one daily digest).
For information on egroups' "Digest mode", click here.

To join the quitsmoking mailing list, simply click on the link to the left and follow the instructions

Tobacco Addiction Email Mailing List

A discussion group to support people who have quit smoking or are trying to quit smoking. listserv@ra.msstate.edu

GERMAN German Mailing List - Moderated To join, write to AN-12steps@bigfoot.com

ESPANOL Spanish Mailing List - Nicanon

Nicanon es un grupo hispano-parlante de Nicotine Anonymous para adictos a nicotina que tienen el deseo de dejar de fumar y de permanecer sin fumar. Es un grupo anonimo y no se paga nada para hacer parte. Para hacer parte del grupo, remitir un mensaje para nicanon-owner@yahoogroups.com
Para informacion "Digest mode", clicko aqui.

FRANCAIS - French Mailing List - Nicotine Anonymes Francais


Franica est un groupe on-line (par e-mail) de Nicotine Anonymes ouvert a la participation de toute personne désirant arreter de fumer et se maintenir sans fumer. Pour participer, envouyer message a franican-owner@yahoogroups.com
-- or try --     franican@club.voila.fre
For information on egroups' "Digest mode", click here.

PORTUGUESE Mailing List - Nicaport

Nicaport é um grupo em portugues de Nicotina Anônimos (Fumantes Anonimos) para adictos a nicotina que têm o desejo de deixar de fumar e permanecer sem fumar. É um grupo anonimo e não se pagam taxas ou mensalidades. Para fazer aprte do grupo, basta o desejo de deixar a nicotina, um compromisso com respeitar o anonimato dos demais membros, e enviar uma mensagem para nicaport-owner@yahoogroups.com
For information on egroups' "Digest mode", click here.


Note 1: About egroups mailing lists: One can choose the "digest" mode where all messages for a day are bundled together into one big email message and sent to you once a day. This is very helpful for high-volume mailing lists if you are concerned about being deluged with dozens of individual email messages a day. Alternatively, if you don't want to get email at all (either individual emails or a daily digest), you can specify a "read on the web" mode. You can then go to the indicated link and read both current and past messages, very similar to a message board.



These are forums for people who are quitting smoking and are concerned about weight issues



Weighty Matters Forum at http://www.quitnet.org


Blair's Butt Free Bulletin Board Buddies at http://www.i-depth.com/P/r/rs01161.frm.weight.html

A Bulletin Board to discuss Dieting, Fitness and Exercise Issues



These are links to directories for recovery and support groups for all kinds of problems, e.g. alcohol, gambling, drugs, etc.



Good list of recovery programs and support groups of all types at http://members.aol.com/r2135

There are probably better directories than this (for example, try www.yahoo.com too), but this is a pretty good list.

A dozen or so of the better known 12 step and alternative programs for substance abuse

This is a quick-reference list for just a few programs.


Notes On Nicotine Anonymous (NicA) Affiliation

Various online resources are presented above. In my volunteer work answering some of Nicotine Anonymous's email, I am often asked if there are online quit-smoking meetings or online Nicotine Anonymous meetings. See nicotine-anonymous.org for a list of such online meetings (many are also associated with message boards and mailing lists).

There are also some online meetings, newsgroups, and message boards are run by active NicA members and/or have a high degree of NicA member participation that aren't listed at nicotine-anonymous.org. None are officially NicA resources, meetings, or functions. I indicate those that have a relatively high degree of NicA participation by putting (NicA) by them.

Most of the online resources listed above have little or no participation by NicA members. I mention them because they are generally the most active resources and because this web site is meant to be a resource for everyone who wants to quit tobacco use, regardless of their interest or lack of interest in the NicA program

As a general rule, the NicA online resources tend to be much smaller in participation than the other online resources. One reason is because the NicA online resources have been in existence for much less time.

While one is naturally inclined to go to where the most action is -- which in general is the non-NicA resources -- consider that NicA is the only quit - smoking or quit - nicotine support group that has ongoing face - to - face meetings (about 450 weekly meetings in the world). My experience is that I found online resources very helpful. But I had relapses, until I began regularly attending NicA meetings. I felt the greater personal contact and interaction of face - to - face meetings was and is very important to maintaining my quit.

Also, NicA volunteers work hard to start meetings in all parts of the world, and to translate NicA literature into several languages. Finally realize that both in the U.S. and abroad, the vast majority of people do not have access to online resources, and thus their only hope for an ongoing quit-smoking support group is, as far as I know, Nicotine Anonymous.

Nicotine Anonymous is also unique among quit-smoking programs in that it is a program for adjusting to life as a non-nicotine user, and for dealing with the mental and emotional factors that led us to smoking in the first place, and that kept us hooked for so long. So as to reduce the likelihood of relapsing. Many of us found that we were dealing with situations that angered us or frightened us by smoking, and now have been learning to deal with these situations directly.

Thus, if you feel that face - to - face meetings and/or other aspects of NicA are important, such as helping start quit - smoking support group meetings throughout the world, then I urge you to support NicA. One way is to attend meetings or start meetings. Another is to at least occasionally post in NicA online groups. Or, if you hang out in non - NicA online groups, please occasionally mention NicA.

All of the resources marked "NicA" are open to everyone. In particular, people who are not interested in the NicA suggested program but who wish to quit nicotine use (or stay quit) are very much welcome to participate.