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What is on this page were not in the cards I carried around when I quit smoking. But I've seen many of the Short Slogans and Thoughts below several times in the newsgroup and elsewhere.

The "Some More Reasons To Quit Smoking and "Some More Thoughts To Help Stay Quit" are also things that weren't on my quit smoking cards, but later heard from message boards and chatrooms, or thought up.  

[A] Short Slogans And Thoughts

(Many of these I picked up in


[B] Junkie Thinking And Good Responses

From Blair's QuitSmokingSupport Newsletter, 7/21/03.

JUNKIE THINKING: "One Puff won't hurt"

RESPONSE: "One puff will always hurt me, and it always will because I'm not a social smoker. One puff and I'll be smoking compulsively again."

JUNKIE THINKING: "I only want one."

RESPONSE: "I have never wanted only one. In fact, I want 20-30 a day every day. I want them all."

JUNKIE THINKING: "I'll just be a social smoker."

RESPONSE: "I'm a chronic, compulsive smoker, and once I smoke one I'll quickly be thinking about the next one. Social smokers can take it or leave it. That's not me."

JUNKIE THINKING: "I'm doing so well, one won't hurt me now."

RESPONSE: "The only reason I'm doing so well is because I haven't taken the first one. Yet once I do, I won't be doing well anymore. I'll be smoking again."

JUNKIE THINKING: "I'll just stop again."

RESPONSE: "Sounds easy, but who am I trying to kid? Look how long it too me to stop this time. And once I start, how long will it take before I get sick enough to face withdrawal again? In fact, when I'm back in the grip of compulsion, what guarantee do I have that I'll ever be able to stop again?"

JUNKIE THINKING: "If I slip, I'll keep trying."

RESPONSE: "If I think I can get away with one little "slip" now I'll think I can get away with another little "slip" later on."

JUNKIE THINKING: "I need one to get me through this withdrawal."

RESPONSE: "Smoking will not get me through the discomfort of not smoking. I will only get me back to smoking. One puff stops the process of withdrawal and I'll have to go through it all over again."

JUNKIE THINKING: "I miss smoking right now."

RESPONSE: "Of course I miss something I've been doing every day for most of my life. Bud do I miss the chest pain right now? Do I miss the worry, the embarrassment? I'd rather be an ex-smoker with an occasional desire to smoke, than a smoker with a constant desire to stop doing it."

JUNKIE THINKING: "I really need to smoke now, I'm so upset."

RESPONSE: "Smoking is not going to fix anything. I'll still be upset, I'll just be an upset smoker. I never have to have a cigarette. Smoking is not a need; it's a want. Once the crisis is over, I'll be relieved and grateful I'm still not smoking."

JUNKIE THINKING: "I don't care."

RESPONSE: "What is it exactly that I think that I don't care about? Can I truthfully say I don't care about chest pain? I don't care about gagging in the morning? I don't care about lung cancer? No, I care about these things very much. That's why I stopped smoking in the first place."

JUNKIE THINKING: "What difference does it make, anyway?"

RESPONSE: "It makes a difference in the way I breathe, the way my heart beats, the way I feel about myself. It makes a tremendous difference in every aspect of my physical and emotional health."  

[C] 60 Reasons For Not Smoking

From Blair's QuitSmokingSupport Newsletter,

60 reasons for NOT smoking!

I'd love to accompany this with a list of reasons for smoking, but I couldn't find one which weighed against any single one of the above list! - Piers Clement  

[D] Some More Reasons To Quit Smoking

* I will no longer be a disease carrier -- I will no longer infect or re-infect other people with this smoking disease. That is, I won't be the cause for someone to relapse or begin smoking by leaving a pack of cigarettes lying around. Or by leaving a partially smoked cigarette somewhere. Or by having someone bum a cigarette from me. Or by smoking, wakening the desire to smoke in someone who has recently quit. Or by example, making it look O.K. to young people to smoke.

Rather, by not smoking, I will be a good example to young people, and an example to people who are trying to quit smoking that one can quit and stay quit.

* When I leave my house, I will no longer have to worry about whether I left a cigarette still burning somewhere that might fall out of the ashtray. I don't have to worry that I might have dropped a still - smoldering cigarette ash on the carpet.

* I won't develop smoker's face. For you women out there who are obsessed about gaining 10 or 15 pounds by quitting (and men too), consider the lead on an article about Smoker's Face -- "The doctor could tell the patient had once been an attractive woman. But now, though only in her 50s, her face was etched with wrinkles, her features gaunt - looking with prominent underlying bones and her skin shriveled and gray with purplish blotches. Diagnosis: smoker's face"

From Smoker's Face -- An Evident Reason To Quit, by Jane Brody, Women's Health Digest, Volume 2 Number 3.

* I hate the fact that some big corporation is in control of my life. Its as bad as giving $4.00 a day minimum to the local Heroin dealer. And out of that $4.00, approximately 80% is taxes and that makes me even madder. The ______ federal government is just as bad as the Heroin dealer. -Shawn

* I can have the fan on, even blowing directly on me, without worrying about it blowing smoke and ashes in my face or out of the ash tray, and causing the cigarette to be burned up in 5 minutes

* Job Interviews, Future Jobs - pre-employment medical screening will turn up nicotine, whether it comes from the patch or from smoking. For urine tests -- 3 to 4 days (from what I've heard somewhere). For hair tests -- months.

Employers visualize smokers as people who can't control their urges, who stand outside the building in the cold and rain smoking when they should at least be near their phone, colleagues, and findable. And as people who are always trying to 'break away' to smoke, rather than thinking about the company's business.

Employers know that smokers have more sick days and ask for more time off for doctor's visits.

Employers know that the company's medical insurance cost -- which is based on the company's claims history -- will be higher with smoking employees.

* Finding a partner will be more difficult - More than 80% of adults are NON-smokers. Very few non-smokers want smokers as partners. Even many smokers prefer non-smoking partners (easier to quit and stay quit if partner is a non-smoker). And non-smoking partners age more slowly and are healthier.

[D1] Some Unpleasant Memories Of Smoking (from the Just4U Stop Smoking Support Group bulletin board (now moved to the smokebusters bulletin board):


1. smoking through bronchial infections each winter.

2. waking up all those mornings all those years vowing to quit, and never really doing it. And all the New Years Eves and birthdays when quitting didn't happen...

4. Running into people from the past (from high school and college) and being embarrassed that after all this time I hadn't quit

5. that feeling of dizziness which is really like being poisoned by carbon monoxide...

6. how uncomfortable i was as an addict on long train and plainrides...


7. seeing your kids make faces when you ask for a hug.


8. Telling your grandaughter she can sit on your lap, AFTER you finish smoking. (by then she didn't want to anymore)


9. Knowing that you actually did smell like the smokers you have the most unfortunate experience of smelling!


10 .Being a slave to cigs in that you have to make sure you have enough to get you thru a certain time period/situation

11. Listening to yourself wheeze as you try to go to sleep. Yuck

Bob R:

12. Having to leave a reataurant to sneak a smoke when business associates or friends wonder why I had to go out in the rain

13. Fake the receipt of a silent page to excuse myself in a meeting that went too long

14. Thinking that I was fooling anyone


15. Standing out in all kinds of weather just to have a smoke.

16. Waking myself up snoring.


17. Driving a four cylinder ashtray!!!


18. Burning holes in my clothes, the car, the furniture, the carpet...

19. Having a cigarette in hand and the damn lighter ran out.


20. Burning my sofa, and thinking it was my self cleaning stove smelling.


21. Having those telltale little holes on just the fronts of every dress shirt in the closet

22. Trying to put out the 1,000 degree little hot ash sitting there smouldering between my legs, making another hole in the front seat,at 70 MPH

23. Healing those burns on the fingers where the cig slid to the hot end because the filter end momentarily stuck to my lips

24. Trying to buff out the burn mark where the unbalanced cig finally fell out of the ashtray onto the desktop.


25. Feeling like I was putting another nail in the coffin with each puff.

26. Watching my father stay enslaved by cigarettes and die of heart disease and feeling I must be insane to keep smoking myself.

tia tavlla:

27. That sickening desperation when you can't find a match or a lighter anywhere and you try to come up with any way to light up --I even tried a curling iron once!

28. Tossing butts out the car window and hating myself for littering


29. It's 9:00P.M., 18 degrees, snowing, you are comfortable on the couch watching a good movie and you suddenly realize you have 1 cig left.

La Weez:

30. Having a friend tell me that that cough made me seem so much older than I was. (meow- hiss!)

31. Coughing in the morning. Coughing during the day. Waking myself up coughing. And lastly, coughing when I got in bed. Somehow that last one really got to me. With a postural change, fer petesake?!?!?!


32. Watching my father die from cancer. Knowing he got it from smoking and not being able to stop myself.

Pam J.:

33. Lighting the filter.

34. Throwing butts down the garbage disposal when I couldn't find an ashtray.

35. During the last month or two of smoking, feeling guilty or somehow inadequate everytime I lit up.

36. Listening to the guy who doesn't use contractions on side B of my Nicoderm CQ cassette. :-) (I know, this one doesn't really count, but if I had never smoked, I could have missed this irritation.)

Kathleen (Kathy):

37. Digging through an the old butt-disposal-sack I kept outside, and just about burning my nose lighting them to get a couple of puffs

38. In the desparate first days of previous quits, looking at other people's discarded butts with longing

39. Turning down my niece and nephew's request "to ride in Aunt kathy's car" because I HAD to have a cigarette and was too ashamed to smoke in front of little people who looked up to me.

40. Vowing,ABSOLUTELY, to stop after my (ex-smoking) husband's angioplasty, and failing. Vowing at least NOT to smoke in front of him, and failing.

41. Watching my daughter cry when she found out I had relapsed

42. Being unable to tell anyone that I was quitting again, because I could see they no longer believed me

43. No longer believing myself

(These are just a FEW...thanks for the chance to do this recall, sure helps cement this quit! I am never going back. )

Vince C. (Vincec):

44. Seeing the look of pity in my children's eyes when they accepted that I was addicted to smoking and gave up on nagging me to quit. - Vince, 1/9/99  

[E] Some More Thoughts To Help Stay Quit

* Just remember, It is easier to stay quit than to have to quit again

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